Cave Run 3D


Run like crazy, jump on platforms, and avoid all obstacles. Collect as many gems as you can, and whatever you do, don’t fall!


  • Run like crazy, jumping on platforms and avoiding obstacles. Collect as many gems as you can and don’t fall!
  • Scripts in both JavaScript and C#, your choice.
  • Add any number of obstacle types with varying effects on player speed, rotation, and jump power. Make obstacles that stick to the player, or others that knock him up in the air.
  • Control the shape and size of platforms by setting various attributes like length, width, height, rotation, and shift, rate of obstacles and gems.
  • Customizable horizontal menu for easier button setup.
  • Customizable player attributes, Speed, rotation, jump power, animation sets and sounds.
  • Many customization options for tweaking the level of challenge the game provides.</br>
  • Includes original 3d Studio Max models and documentation.
  • Commented Code.

Cave Run 3D Demo

Unity Asset Store Image

The sounds are courtesy of the free sound project.

Original version by Majd Abdulqadir