Last Stand


You are stranded on a space platform overwhelmed by aliens. Fight wave after wave of enemies, using Bullets, Rockets, and Lasers. Keep moving to avoid being hit and pick up ammo and repair kits from fallen enemies.


  • Programmed in both JavaScript and C#.
  • Radar, Upgrade Shop, and enemies avoid obstacles.
  • Set the number and type of enemies that attack you in each level, and the number of levels in the game.
  • Start and game over menus using Unity’s GUI(great for learning).
  • Keep track of your progress locally, with stats fro high score, enemies killed, time played etc.
  • 3 Weapon types: Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher, and Laser Cannon.
  • 5 enemy types with different projectile and melee attacks.
  • Includes original 3ds Max models for customization.
  • Documentation to help you get started.
  • Many customization options for tweaking the level of challenge the game provides.

Last Stand WebPlayer Demo

Unity Asset Store Image

The sounds are courtesy of the free sound project.

Original version by Majd Abdulqadir


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